Ilkley amateur dramatics

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We currently do shows at Batley Town Hall. Contact our Secretary, Anne Copley:
Ilkley Amateur Operatic Society - Ilkley Amateur Operatic Society -
The East Riding of Yorkshire is fortunate or unfortunate? Tues - Fri
They were formed in by Pat Musselwhite and Barbara Markham. If you're thinking of joining, why not arrange Ilkley come along to see the Adel Players in rehearsal or amateur a chat with our Secretary dramatics membership?
The first three annual entries won the category which achieved Upstagers their first three Wharfedale 1's as listed but were beaten to the top in by 'Performance' drama and their adaptation of 'Annie'.
Ilkley Upstagers' Theatre Group - Wikipedia
They met and worked with the resident cast and creatives in doing so. In a junior section was formed whose first production was The Wizard of Oz.
Having more members means we would be dramatics to present a wider range of entertaining and challenging productions. We perform a minimum of two plays per year to a amateur and supportive following of Ilkley people which means each play is performed for a four night run, Tuesday through Friday.
King's Hall & Winter Garden, Ilkley
About the society
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