Kant was an asshole

Added: 30.05.2018

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An Kant asshole was
If only it hadn't taken three years for me to produce any Not all of them; not the whole book.
An Kant asshole was
Also, if you haven't read the comments on that last post, you've missed out on J.
An Kant asshole was
Critique of Pure Bullshit
An Kant asshole was
FUCK THEORY - In Which Steven Pinker Is A Total Ignoramus Who
An Kant asshole was
I left the office in tears, but with a firm idea of what solid theoretical critique looked like. Like this hilarious bit:
An Kant asshole was
Was Kant a Douchebag? - Philosophy Now Forum
An Kant asshole was
Does surfing suppress the inner asshole?
An Kant asshole was
And since this is nowhere the case, one may assert with perfect propriety, that women have not by nature equal right with men.
An Kant asshole was
10 Philosophers Summed Up in a Single Sentence — The Airship
An Kant asshole was
The Key to Literary Theory: Don't be an Asshole - Acephalous
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