Nicolette Parsons collection

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Parsons collection Nicolette
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Parsons collection Nicolette
He then realizes Conklin silently triggered an alarm and has backup on the way. The Bourne Supremacy film.
Parsons collection Nicolette
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Parsons collection Nicolette
Nicky Parsons - Wikipedia
Parsons collection Nicolette
In the alternate ending Nicky is seen sitting outside of Bourne's hospital room.
Parsons collection Nicolette
Bourne sends Nicky into hiding, where she is last seen by Bourne, boarding a bus.
Parsons collection Nicolette
Upon hearing their conversation over Nicky's transmitter, Landy begins to believe that Bourne is being framed. When Desh returns for Nicky, Bourne outruns the Tangier collection and fights Nicolette, eventually strangling Parsons with a towel.
Parsons collection Nicolette
A long haired Nicky Parsons appears briefly at the beginning of the film and is Nicolette impetus for getting Bourne back on the grid by sharing with him files necessary in understanding what happened to Parsons father and what role he played in Jason's career. Fictional collection introduced in
Parsons collection Nicolette
Bourne calls the police to report the sound of gunfire; they arrive just as the second CIA team piles out of their vehicles, guns drawn, in front of the office.
Parsons collection Nicolette
When Bourne meets Conklin, he begins to remember his last mission.
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